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    Insoles for Golfers

    The key to efficient power in your golf swing

    Every Golfer knows that weight shift in golf is fundamental. In fact at least 90% of golfers don’t shift their weight properly. The most common reason is misalignment that starts with your feet. Protalus insoles for golf shoes are designed to align your body from the feet up.

    In their own words:
    Protalus Insoles


    When you step into Protalus insoles, you are aligning your kinetic chain. This means enhanced performance with less pain and fatigue.

    Protalus Insoles


    Our insoles provide support to the ankle, guiding the foot through natural movement while preventing over pronation or over supination.

    Protalus Insoles


    The feet are the foundation of the body. Our insoles give the necessary support base to provide balance and control from the ground up.

    Comfort. Relief. Performance.

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