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    September At Protalus

    Support First Responders

    Buy One Give One

    In appreciation and gratitude for America's First Responders and Military, Protalus will donate a pair of insoles for every insole purchased all month-long in September. After donating over 3,000 pairs of insoles to our local community in Portland, we discovered a need to give back on a larger scale. During First Responder Appreciation Month, let's do it together.

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    Collage of First Responders
    Buy One Give One

    They stand up to protect and serve. They are the first to show up and the last to go home. They hold your hand, save loved ones and leave their families to protect yours. America's First Responders at the heartbeat of our local communities.

    Their duties go unnoticed until the moment arrives to protect and serve. First Responders are local heroes. They root for the home team and risk their lives to save others.

    Together, let's take a stand to support our First Responders by helping each of their steps feel more sure, more at ease, and more aligned.

    For every pair of insoles you purchase, a First Responder will receive one.

    Buy One. Give One.

    Salute First Responders And Their Service.

    How It Works


    You Purchase Insoles

    Simply purchase a pair of insoles as you normally would.


    Protalus will match your purchase and donate to a First Responder

    First Responder Icons


    You + First Responder Receive Improved Alignment, Support, and Comfort.

    Red Swoop Design

    Know A First Responder?

    Have them visit Protalus.com/first-responder to join the movement.


    Who will insoles be donated to?

    Protalus is spreading the word to First Responders and Military Personnel across the country to come to Protalus.com to claim their free pair of insoles. Anyone redeeming a free pair will need to verify (through VerifyPass) that they are a First Responder or Military Personnel before being given a coupon code for a free pair of insoles. Anyone redeeming a free pair of insoles can select their insole model, size and shipping address.

    Will I be notified about who receives my donated pair of insoles?

    We are unable to share information about who exactly the insoles were donated to. At the end of the month, Protalus will send an email (to customers that are opted-in to receive email) with information on how many insoles were donated to First Responders or Military Personnel

    Will Protalus donate a pair of insoles for each pair that I buy?

    Yes! If you buy two pairs we will donate two pairs. If you buy three we'll donate three, and so on!

    What if I use a coupon code, Rewards Credits or gift card to buy my insoles?

    Protalus will donate an insole for each pair you buy, even if you use a coupon code to buy your insole at a discounted rate - or apply Rewards Credits or a gift card to your purchase.

    Is the 90 day return policy still in place? What if I return my insoles?

    Yes! Protalus's 90 day return policy is still in place for insoles, and even if you return your insole we'll still donate a pair to a First Responder or Military Personnel.

    What if I buy insoles through the Protalus Subscription program?

    Insoles sold through the Protalus Subscription program will not count towards the number of insoles donated.

    First Responder Buy One, Give One Program Terms and Conditions

    To be eligible to redeem a donated insole through our First Responder Buy One, Give One Program (“BOGO Program”), you must be a First Responder and/or Military Personnel and be verified through VerifyPass. Upon verification, you will receive a unique First Responder coupon code which you will enter to redeem your insoles. Your BOGO Program coupon code is good for any 2019 Protalus insole in any size. All BOGO Program insoles are contingent upon purchase by a customer, for the sake of clarity, a customer must first purchase a pair of insoles for another pair to become available for a First Responder to redeem them. In the event that there is no BOGO Program pair of insoles available to be redeemed, you can either check back at a later time or add your name to a notification list and we will notify you as BOGO Program insoles become available. BOGO Program insoles are limited to one pair per First Responder or Military Personnel. All BOGO Program insoles are redeemable on a first come, first serve basis and subject to availability. There is no guarantee that you will receive a BOGO Program pair of insoles. Shipping charges will apply for all BOGO Program insoles and exchanges. The BOGO Program coupon code is good for 30 days from the issue date and valid only for Protalus USA at www.protalus.com. BOGO Program coupon codes are non-transferable. Protalus reserves the right to amend these rules to the BOGO Program at any time. The BOGO Program is subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, which may be amended from time to time without notice.