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    Protalus Protalus
    Jeff Green
    Chief Legal Strategist

    Find out How 1000s of Diabetic Patients Finally Got Lasting Pain Relief...

    “...I tried them and after using them for 2 weeks my circulation has improved dramatically which has reduced my pain and swelling considerably...”

    My results are so fantastic that I just must share! I am a diabetic and for years I’ve suffered with neuropathy, skin cracking, peeling in the heel due to poor circulation and swelling. I have tried just about everything out there to manage the pain gel packs, NSAIDs, pain meds, lotions, creams, etc. A friend of mine told me about Protalus and that they had great results using them. I tried them and after using them for 2 weeks my circulation has improved dramatically which has reduced my pain and swelling considerably. For me this means I can get up and start working out to try and lose some of this extra weight (before it was so painful that I couldn’t even get up to walk around). On top of relieving my pain my balance is so much better which to me is almost as important because of my weight and Diabetes it creates massive drops in blood pressure when I get up. Thank you Protalus for making a product that really helps people like me with diabetes!

    --Jeff Green
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    Get Lasting Relief Now

    Improving performance, increasing comfort, & relieving pain with one simple addition: Protalus Insoles

    Find your perfect fit & get GUARANTEED RELIEF

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    Until they tried our product, these people were suffering just like you.

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    How can Protalus Insoles help with Neuropathy?

    1. By Aligning the foundation of your body: The ankle

    Your ankle acts as the foundation of entire body. Unnatural foot posture generates a cascade of misalignment, forcing each joint to make small but significant changes to accommodate this abnormal positioning. Proper foot-alignment reduces stress and strain on the ankles, knees, hips, and back, maximizing the body’s potential.

    2. Patented tri-planar technology gently re-aligns your feet

    • Insoles can help to avoid pressure sores from developing as a result of friction inside the shoe. A common contributing cause of excess friction and pressure on the foot is misalignment.

    • Protalus Patented Technology helps prevent misalignment and help to evenly distribute your body weight over the entire surface of the foot, thereby reducing friction and pressure.

    3. It all starts with your feet

    118 seconds to change your life

    Risk Free Guaranteed.

    Just like 92% of our customers, we are so confident you will love your insoles, we offer a full 90-Day Love Them or Your Money Back Guarantee.

    Over 500,000+ Happy Customers.

    Our customer feedback speaks for itself, when nothing else has worked for pain relief and/or comfort, Protalus has been the answer.

    Free Shipping Always

    Shipping is always free with Protalus. We don’t want there to be any roadblocks in your decision to take the first step in comfort.

    Patented Technology.

    The alignment technology used in Protalus insoles have been clinically studied and proven to be unique and life changing.

    You have nothing to lose except pain & discomfort.

    Give Your Feet a Vacation. Try A Pair Today!

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    Will our insoles help with your pain?

    Our insoles realign your body from the feet up to evenly distribute the force of each step and block destructive, misaligned shockwaves from traveling up your kinetic chain.


    plantar fasciitis
    back pain
    knee pain
    flat feet
    hip pain
    heel spurs
    high arches
    achy feet
    shin splints
    arch pain
    ball of foot pain
    heel pain
    tarsal tunnel
    hammer toes
    foot pain
    achilles tendon
    Metatarsal relief
    Limited Relief
    fused ankle
    large difference in leg lengths
    spinal stenosis

    You deserve this degree of comfort

    Top Cloth

    ETC Anti-Microbial, Anti-Bacterial, Moisture Wicking, Anti-friction lining


    EVA molded for contour, provides full-length cushioning and comfort


    Nylon with contoured shape for stability and support. Engineered ridges for grip inside your shoe


    Rogers Poron for enhanced long-term cushioning comfort, superior shock absorption, anti-microbial protection

    Why Protalus?

    We focus on the root cause.

    Most approaches to pain involve identifying a damaged area and then trying to repair it. Unfortunately, the real, underlying cause of the pain is often missed. By working at the root-cause level, you can achieve lasting relief. Our Tri-Planar Technology gently realigns your ankle and heel to support you properly, helping to reduce pain in your feet, knees, hip, and back.

    Patented Technology, Recommended by Doctors

    Protalus insoles hold multiple patents and can only be purchased online. To validate our in -house testing we brought in Dr. Martyn R. Shorten, PhD. His test results prove Protalus insoles help better align the ankle IN FACT: Up to 31% more than other insoles.

    90-Day Risk Free Guarantee.

    Protalus Insoles are designed for one thing: To help you get back to doing what you love. Because our insoles have a 98% success rate when used for 30 days or more, we offer a unconditional money back guarantee that even covers return shipping. The risk is 100% on us.

    Try a pair risk free
    90 day
    Love them or your money back Guarantee
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