The Science

How your foot interacts with the ground affects the entire body: from the ankle, to the knees, hips, lower back, and neck. As the first point of contact with each step we take, the shape and material of our footwear helps dictate how we move.


Improved alignment buy up to 62%


Increased shock absorption in the heel by 20%


Reduced peak pressure by 8%

Everything is connected.

Protalus insoles improve the alignment of your body, allowing the skeleton to support a greater percentage of body weight, rather than depending on soft tissues to compensate. This reduces the amount of work your muscles have to perform in order to stay balanced and upright.

By combining our patented alignment technology (Tri-Planar Support) as well as premium USA-sourced cushioning zones and our signature Protalus footbed, we’ve designed an insole unlike any other.

Running shoe

Optimal Ankle Alignment = A Better You

Protalus insoles improve alignment of the ankle by up to 62% putting you in position to be your best.

The Talus is one of the most important bones involved in proper skeleton and foot function. It acts as the steering wheel of the body.

Much of the population suffers from problems associated with the talus, such as collapsing arches or ankle instability.

Protalus insoles align the ankle into a more neutral position, providing stability, support, and comfort which allows us to move and feel our best.

Absorbing Shock + Relieving Pressure Helps Your Feet Feel Better

Our patented, curve-shaped heel cup provides optimal contoured cushioning with a design that allows the weight of your body to be redistributed over a larger surface are within the heel cup, relieving the pressure and shock of each step.