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Calculate the Additional Revenue for Your Business

Help your patients while increasing your profits. You can enjoy excellent profit margins and flexible ordering with no minimum buy-ins. In other words, the more you work with us, the more you save. This tool will help you estimate your revenue and profit.

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Expanding your customer base

You can spend time looking for other areas to grow your business or foster the assets you already have in place. Other clinics we have worked with have gotten creative and found success by:

  • Activating past patients and dormant email lists. Could some of them benefit from Protalus? Do they know this is available to them?
  • Displaying stock in the lobby encouraging walk-ins and patients who are checking out to grab a pair for a spouse or loved one.
  • Marketing directly to local warehouses and other large local employers with the support of Protalus marketing materials.
  • Requesting flyers that reflect their clientele. Athletes, industrial workers, the elderly - let's include them in the imagery for your clinic.
  • Starting exams by asking patients to take off their shoes. Their back issues may have brought them in, but they may still benefit from Protaulus.
  • Sending a reminder every 6-8 months, “it’s almost time to replace your insoles! Come see us a XX clinic for a fresh pair.”

Wholesale pricing

While most physical therapists only carry the T-100 ELITE model due to its versatility, other Protalus products are available through the wholesale portal. This allows you to meet the needs of any of your patients, even special-use cases.

T-100 Elite
M-100 Elite
marketing materials

Marketing Assistance

We are here to help you succeed with marketing support to fit your business. Protalus wholesale providers are always a part of the conversation to make this program the best it can be. If you have a need for an item not on this list such as custom business cards with a Protalus endorsement, table toppers, counter stands, etc, we are open to creating whatever will make your experience with Protalus insoles a successful one. The marketing material consists of:

  • Waiting Room Brochures
  • Posters
  • Shoe Insole Guide
  • Ebook for In-depth Information to Those Seeking It
  • Sample Box

Minimum Advertised Price

Wholesale customers must not advertise a price lower than the listed price. While they may choose to give their customers a discount, it may not be advertised. Additionally, price-matching on-site sales for events like Labor Day or Black Friday is allowed. Please read full Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy below.