Protalus Insoles: The one‑stop solution

Unlike other insole companies, we don't change of approach and design to cater to different ailments and foot types. Instead of addressing symptoms, all of our models are designed to address the root cause of misalignment in the kinetic chain, unsafe ranges of motion within the ankle. Hence the only variety in design of our models is to cater to the different footwear found in the workplace. Please see our 6 different models below:

M Series shoes
M Series for Work Boots or Safety Boots
M-100 | For Removable Factory Insole
M-75 | For Non-Removable Factory Insole
T Series shoes
T Series for Tennis Shoes or Safety Boots
T-100 | For Removable Factory Insole
T-75 | For Non-Removable Factory Insole
H Series shoes
H Series for Heels 2.5in or Higher (i.e. pumps, heeled boots, booties, and platform shoes)
H-75 | For Non-Removable Factory Insole
ET Series shoes
ET Series for Dress/Low Profile Footwear
ET-75 | For Non-Removable Factory Insole