Who We Are.

Protalus ® was born out of a passion for design and a never-ending attention to detail.


Years of Research

Our insoles are the result of decades of research, accumulated from the brightest minds in the field. Born from custom orthotics, Protalus ® insoles have evolved to become an accessible and effective solution for a variety of conditions ranging from plantar fasciitis to low back pain.



As we grow and develop as a company, our products grow with us. Behind each generation of insoles are countless revisions, fine-tuning the elements that define Protalus ®. Never settling for good enough, we continuously strive to exceed our own expectations, and yours.


Patents / Applications

Internationally patented technology separates Protalus ® from the rest. Using our unique approach to align the ankle, we improve the alignment of your body from the ground up in ways no other insole can. It only takes one step to feel the difference.

Unstoppable Innovation

From the premium materials used, to the contour of the footbed, attention to detail is paramount. Our designs are rigorously tested by third-party researchers so you can be sure you’re taking the right step forward.

When my son, Christian, was small, he was having pain; pain in his feet and pain in his back to the point where he could barely walk. I watched how his life changed for the worse over a short period of time right in front of my eyes.

This little kid who smiled all the time stopped smiling, and the same little kid who laughed nonstop was now quiet. I could see his self-confidence, which was one of his biggest pillars of strength, slowly come apart. It crushed my heart watching him remove himself from the things he loved, such as sports and friends, because he wasn’t able to participate as he once had.

I also realized his physical issues of not feeling his best or being his best started to affect him emotionally and then psychologically. How he felt was directly connected with his identity. Out of my love and concern grew an obsession within me to find the answer to relieve Christian’s pain. I wanted him to regain his life again and enjoy his passion for sports and the freedom of movement.

I searched throughout the US to find a team of professionals, or someone who specialized in feet and orthotics, to help Christian. I was very disappointed with the experience we had. The orthotics were too invasive, too hard, and too rigid. They lacked comfort, were too bulky, and they didn’t fit in his shoes. They lacked the right amount of flexibility to move with his feet and they didn’t offer the right level of support that Christian needed. Having paid $800 for custom orthotics, I expected more. Although the orthotics helped Christian to some degree, they weren’t good enough. I knew I had to challenge the common approach with a fundamental change of how we looked at it.

Feeling like I failed Christian as a father, I knew there was only one solution: ‘Design and create something for Christian.’

I created a diverse team of experts from around the world, with years of experience in their respective fields, to help find a solution by challenging the status quo within the industry. Through the process of difficult questions, research and development, and looking at the long existing problems from a new perspective, we created something new. Something that was designed specifically to meet the root cause of Christian’s problems, and not just the symptoms. With that, Protalus’s first product was created.

This product that supported Christian’s daily needs of movement within sports and life’s routines brought back his smile. This product that empowered Christian to feel his best and be his best one step at a time helped him reclaim his self-confidence and identity.

Love is what started this journey that changed Christian’s life, but at the same time, ignited a purpose in mine. It’s this love that drives Protalus onward because everyone deserves to feel their best and to be their best.

Every day valued customers call and thank our team for helping them through everything from getting up off the couch to mountain climbing. Whether they are first responders, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, nurses, doctors, coffee baristas, customer service ambassadors, members of the armed forces, professionals, and more- all of the calls and personal stories put smiles on our faces because we were able to help someone that day. No story is the same, and that is what makes it so beautiful.

Here at Protalus it’s all about you and how we value, respect, and serve our long-term relationship with you. Our company culture is about improving your life so you can continue to do what you do; live out your purpose and passions in comfort.

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"Because everything is connected, Protalus ® exists to change lives of all ages by designing products that support and empower you to feel and be your best."