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    Workers’ compensation claims can be costly. Employee safety and an injury free environment is always a concern in the workplace. At Protalus we believe safety and employee wellness is important and should save time and money. Protalus insoles have proven to decrease fatigue and injuries, helping to improve absenteeism, reduce claims, and increase retention rates.

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    Here at Protalus, we understand having healthy employees = healthy business, and why we have started a B2B wellness program.

    What is Protalus B2B Wellness Program?

    Protalus offers specialized plans for the purchase of insoles for your team, based on quantity and re-order needs. Whether you have 10 employees or 300,000, we have a solution which addresses safety, injuries, fatigue, and wellness.

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    Fatigue is a major factor for on the job injuries.

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    Protalus insoles

    Protalus = Better Performance.

    Protalus insoles are designed to help optimize the body’s physical performance. By assisting proper alignment of the ankle, the entire kinetic chain helps stay balanced, optimizing the body’s overall wellness and performance.

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    Who is Currently Utilizing Our B2B Program?

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