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"Immediately the pain went away. I no longer would get up at 1-2am with foot pain."

I never knew what plantar fasciitis was, my mom had it and said it was painful. I played in a soccer tournament in New Zealand (middle of April) but this foot pain started to hit me at the beginning of April. I was playing indoor soccer on Sundays and Thursday nights. The pain was sporadic, I would be laying in bed waiting for my game, watching TV, then all of a sudden I would get this pain in my left foot, in the arch area. I could barely walk and caused me to limp around until the pain went away. I would take an 800 ibuprofen then shortly after the pain would go away.

After my tournament in New Zealand and got back to my normal routine, the pain was coming on more frequently. think what happened is because I do these home workouts and shoes I wear. I did not realize how important it was to have good support in my shoes. By the end of May, my foot pain started to come on and it was almost daily. At about 1-2am, I would be woken up with excruciating pain, it was hard to walk so I limped/hobbled downstairs to get my Ibuprofen. Once the Ibuprofen kicked in, I was able to fall back asleep.

I decided to see my Physical Therapist and have him check my feet to see if it was truly plantar fasciitis. He treated me and went through some exercises but most importantly, he had me use orthotics for my shoes. The orthotics from my PT were the kind that are heated then mold to conform to my foot. I tried putting them in my soccer shoes and playing, but they were too hard and made it uncomfortable. I googled treatments and insoles for plantar fasciitis and how to prevent it. It was all about insoles and foot support. The orthotics from PT was good for when I was just walking around but what I really wanted was insoles for my soccer shoes.

My feet are narrow and I play a lot of soccer during the week so my feet take a beating. I came across Protatus and went to the website. I read the reviews and saw that I could use these insoles for my soccer shoes. So I decided to give Protalus a try, I had nothing to lose. As soon as my Protalus arrived, I immediately put these insoles in my workout shoes and my soccer shoes. Immediately the pain went away. I no longer would get woken up at 1-2 am with foot pain. Slowly, my foot was back to normal.

I used the Protalus insoles in my soccer shoes for a tournament in August and I have not had the foot pain since. Plantar Fasciitis lasted for about 2-3 months. I have never experienced anything like this and for this pain to all of a sudden go away, it’s really odd but I am not complaining. Protalus insoles had a lot more flexibility, it was still kind of firm in the middle, and then on the heel and balls of the foot it had a gel pad to it, once I put it in my shoe it felt good and comfortable playing soccer.

I use Protalus insoles when I am working out at home, doing Insanity type workouts and when I am playing soccer. I initially bought two pairs of insoles but ended up ordering a third pair so that I have one on standby just in case I needed to replace one of my insoles. This pain was awful. Plantar fasciitis is no joke. Having plantar fasciitis prevents me from being active – workouts and playing soccer.

Protalus allows me to live an active lifestyle. I can only go off my own experiences, so when I am around people that are active or have plantar fasciitis, I recommend Protalus insoles. I have already recommended Protalus to family and friends. What is great about Protalus, you can get insoles for work shoes, running shoes, sports shoes, etc. I would recommend these insoles to everyone and everyone.

I am 41 years old, originally from Hawaii. I have been living in Las Vegas since 2001 and I continue to have an active lifestyle. I played division one college soccer at the University of Hawaii. I still play soccer and also travel with a competitive team where we play in different tournaments. This past April we went to New Zealand and played in the The World Games for soccer, which we won GOLD. I am pretty active. I am also a Beachbody coach where I do various fitness workouts like Insanity & T25 just to stay in shape instead of going to the gym.

Tricia Nishikawa

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