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November 06, 2017

My name is Stephen Lawrence. I was born in London and raised in New York. I now live in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, I’m an aircraft inspector for Delta Airlines. I’m single, never married, no kids.

I had a foot injury, I didn’t know if it was Plantar Fasciitis, I had that at one point in my life. All I know is that when I went to sleep I had a Charlie horse, and when I woke up the next morning my heel was killing me. I went to my chiropractor and he told me that my calves were tight, and I had all kinds of muscle spasms. After going through therapy, he recommended insoles. He gave me Smart Feet, I looked at those and ordered a pair and they were some of the most uncomfortable things I had on my feet, so I looked online myself and found Protalus.

I read the history and research they put into it, I thought $70, my feet are worth it. I bought a pair and put them in my shoes and six to eight days after that the pain started diminishing. They seemed to be working. So now I’m buying them and putting them in all of my shoes. I’m really surprised with buying something from the internet and having them actually fit and work.

I went to the chiropractor because last time I went to the doctor, the only thing they did is shoot Cortisone in your feet. Yah, that feels good for a minute but that doesn’t heal anything. I don’t want liver damage. I don’t want anything chemical until I’ve tried everything natural first. The chiropractor said it was Achilles tendinitis. It was more so in my heel than in my arch. It came right in my heel pad towards the back where my Achilles was. He said that my calf was so tight it was pulling on my Achilles tendon so when I walked it was causing the irritation.

I tried Dr. Scholl’s and another brand they gave for free at work. Those things sucked. I could barely walk at work without limping, I had a limp for almost four months, my heel was really tender and nothing worked. My chiropractor started breaking down tissue in my calf and it started to feel better. I realized it was something in my calves, but at the same time, I realized I wasn’t walking properly. I had a pain in my lower back that disappeared after starting to use Protalus and also my hip. The chiropractor didn’t do anything for that.

I’ve been using my Protalus insoles since earlier this year. I wear them at work. I work four, ten hour days on concrete, walking back and forth, up and down on ladders, expecting aircraft engines. My feet, especially on ladders, would kill me. I’d stand on one foot because I couldn’t put my other foot down on the rung of the ladder. I started wearing them, and at first, I read those statements to wear for an hour or two. I put them on and just started walking because it felt better than my foot without them, I didn’t even have to do the break-in. I think it was because the insoles themselves had so much padding in the heel. It cushioned my heel against the concrete, it was just like a pad of air.

They sent me an email that said it was time to replace them, I bought them and just put them in my shoes. My doctor told me because I work on concrete I should wear two pairs of shoes and wear them every other day. I bought two insoles and have them in the two pair of shoes I alternate every day at work. And then when I’m home I started putting them in sneakers in my shoes, I pretty much always have them on except for my slippers.

I was part of this FitBit group at work, before my injury I was really into walking back and forth and competing with my friends, but after my injury, I couldn’t do that. I got my Protalus insoles, and after about two weeks, I was walking without limping or favoring one foot. I slowly started getting back into my FitBit walking. I used to cycle, now I’m back to riding my bicycle again. I have already started when I was working in a landing gear shop at Delta.

Everybody knows what it is when they see me limping, Plantar fasciitis, there was one guy in my shop and I told him about my story, he was limping, at work we have to wear steel toed shoes which don’t have any kind of insole, so every pair I wear now I just rip the insole and put these in. I was going to contact my job and we have payroll deduction with the uniforms, shoes, we have to wear, I wanted to find out if they could put Protalus as an insole.

For the price you’re paying, I truly believe it’s worth it, ten times. For the results, I get for walking on concrete ten hours a day. I was injured before I used them, and I’m back 100% after wearing Protalus. Now I’m walking and I don’t have slippers on, I could never do that before.

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