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    Sheryl Jensen

    "I had terrible plantar fasciitis and could barely walk without pain. Truly amazing! No more debilitating pain..."

    uploaded a photo that is not my best by any means but I wanted to make a point. :) It was taken after my son and I just finished a 5k last year. I had terrible plantar fasciitis and could barely walk without pain. It was debilitating. I could not resolve it through the doctors. I was hesitant to try these last year because of the cost but I discovered quickly, it was worth every penny!! Over a short period of time, the pain disappeared and I was able to go back to jogging.

    In fact, my son and I completed a 5k in Jacksonville last year. It was a miracle. Someone gave me another brand to try this year and I did try them. After completing 3 miles my feet hurt so I sat down and immediately ordered these insoles again.

    There are none like them! There are imitations but these are the real deal!! They are the only ones that have truly given me my life back and I will never use any other insole. Truly amazing! No more debilitating pain and they even assist with my minor knee injury. I have another 5k in 10 days and I can't wait. I'm ready to go with my Protalus. Thank you for such a GREAT product!!!

    Sheryl Jensen