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February 27, 2017

I am a Personal Trainer after retiring from a desk job. I have extremely flat feet and have worn shoes for over pronation, and I am on my feet from 6 am to 8 pm with clients for 3 1/2 day a week. The first couple years my feet would bother me with pain in general, but this past year, I found nothing to bring relief and was ready to explore very expensive orthotics. I was on FaceBook. About six months ago and saw the web ad for Protalus. I bought a pair and the pain went away and I the activity level changed for me. I was running a little. Yesterday, I was running stairs with clients. I had no pain in my feet, and my usual knee issues were minimal. I had a small issue when my second shipment disappeared before they got to me. Protalus made it right for me and then went back and investigated the issue. I spoke to the owner and told him this was the best orthotic I have ever found. He shared plans for the unveiling of the 2nd generation, and I bought two more pairs. If this round of Protalus was so beneficial, I am excited to receive the second iteration of this great orthotic. I have shared information with my clients to check out if they are experiencing similar problems! I am hooked on Protalus and have spare pairs just in case I lose one! You have nothing to lose since there is a guarantee! My feet are extremely happy compared to before Protalus.