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    Mike Cantu

    "Big Huge "THANKS!", To Protalus."

    It has been almost a year since I came across Protalus insoles via F.Book as I was recovering from having a badly broken lower tib/fib rt above the ankle joint that required major surgery to repair! I was not able to put any weight on the ankle for 60+ days, then starting physical therapy about 3.5 months after my surgery. I already knew that I had some pronation before I was injured because working in the outdoor sports biz with lots of shoe brands attending tech training for fitting running shoes.

    As I was going thru my physical therapy sessions, I was having pain and inflammation, especially when trying to apply weight to the repaired ankle. I started thinking about the ankle and the biomechanics alignment of all the joints, because of my ankle being reset and put back together with titanium plates and lots of screws, I was getting additional pain and swelling. The lower arch and past slight pronation were causing additional strain and stress on my ankle recovery.

    Also, the rest of my body was trying to compensate for reducing the pressure in my heel and ankle as I tried learning to walk correctly during my rehab sessions. 8 months of rehab and adding the Protalus insoles about 4.5 months into it, I was able to feel a difference and reduction of ankle, heel and foot pain within the 1st week or so using them in my Asics Gel Kayanos.

    I was feeling a difference in my left leg, ankle, and foot since it was supporting most of my weight along with a crutch or crutches. So as I transitioned from trying to walk without crutches and started letting the insoles help the whole body re-align itself, I started feeling the changes and a lot less pain and swelling in the recovering ankle and the rest of the foot, leg and hip joints! I just had to allow time for things to adjust.

    The process can require patience, time and may trigger a few other aches along the way, as muscles adjust and re-learn the body's more neutral alignment position. It's a process that should be considered while getting used to these insoles at times. Unlike me, for others, it may only take a few days to feel things get better.

    Proper fitting shoes as the base for these insoles can also add additional comfort, making a nice combination! When it comes to athletic shoes, for running or diff types of training, there are many types of specific designs/models to help address different types of foot issues. They have different types of support materials in specific areas to help the athletes perform efficiently with less strain on the feet, ankles, knees, etc. Protalus insoles are a true upgrade to the basic insoles used in most athletic shoes. I could probably go into more depth about the combination of Protalus insoles and athletic shoes.

    I don't want to confuse others who may not be familiar with what I'm talking about. Protalus insoles can truly be a huge upgrade if wearing casual shoes, which in most cases have very little if any foot/heel support. I have Protalus in the shoes I use most. I use them every single day, can tell a diff when I have new shoes without them inside. I just need some to wk in my CrossFit shoes with my Cep Compression socks. LoL I'm still into my 18-month recovery process, and happy to have the Protalus insoles help me along the way! They are my 1st recommendation to all my friends, family, coworkers and sports industry people I meet at event or trade shows.

    Big Huge "THANKS!", To the Protalus owners and colleagues for designing, testing, and making this product available! Best insoles I've used, and I've used many other brands costing more that didn't feel as good as these!! Try Protalus insoles, give them a bit of time as try to help correct years of the body's alignment issues!

    I admitted to having a slight discomfort at first but understood the reason behind it and the changes taking place. Took me a week or so for my body to adjust. Just from my 10mos of experience using them daily for wk, casual and gym. Very well made, well thought out design, durable materials!! Hope they work you as well as they did for me! My knees, hips, and back feel much better since I started using these insoles. Just as the product was designed to address. Now, I just need some for my other training shoes as I start another sports medicine specific rehab process in the coming weeks! This product is def my choice of insoles!

    Mike Cantu