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March 01, 2017

To my fellow Amazonians, due to excessive foot pain, I went to The Good Feet Store and spent $300 on their partial shoe inserts. I was told by the sales lady that if they didn't work in 15 days to bring them back, so I did. They were causing me pain in my knees plus my feet were still hurting when I wore them. I complained to American Express, but because I signed their receipt that said "No Refunds" American Express denied any further action. Thus, #StayFarAwayFromTheGoodFeetStore. Subsequently, I saw Protalus advertised on Facebook, and I decided to try them for $50 a pair. Typically you have to go through a break-in period of 1-2 hrs a day till you reach a full day. Due to the fact, my feet hurt when I switched back to the regular insoles; I decided to switch back to the Protalus insoles. Note: Protalus offers a 90-day money back guarantee, and they recommend replacing to new ones every six months. All I can say is, #ProtalusIsAmazing!