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    Kelly Comp

    "I will NEVER go without these insoles for the rest of my life. "

    Protalus insoles have changed my life DRAMATICALLY! I have never been so excited about a product available to the public, as I am about Protalus! Like anyone, when I first purchased these insoles, the first thought after ordering is..."I really hope these help." For many months, severe neuropathy and plantar fasciitis had caused my days to be filled with agony, excruciating pain, and even hopelessness that I would EVER live pain-free.

    Even though the Protalus insoles felt wonderful on my feet within the first few moments, I didn't notice a true change in overall pain until a few weeks later. I do, however, have other diseases that affect my muscles and joints..so for me, it took a bit for my whole body to adjust to the new alignment. But I can honestly say that I am so happy that I hung in there because Protalus insoles have not only helped me walk again without foot pain..but my hips are much better as well!!

    I will NEVER go without these insoles for the rest of my life. I tell all of my doctors to tell their patients to order these incredible insoles. Thank you Protalus for having the most caring and AMAZING customer service! Thank you that my life is incredibly changed! If I ever have the blessed chance to meet the inventors of these insoles, I will literally kiss their feet with a SMILE!!! :)

    Kelly Comp