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Elizabeth Hinkle

"I am not an individual who is easily impressed by products and these insoles have truly amazed me!"

When I ordered my insoles, I had a lot of problems with my back, knees, ankles, and feet from psoriatic arthritis and SLE lupus. I received them about three weeks ago and put them in my crocs. I had previously used a Dr. Scholls machine that showed I put all my weight on my heels and the side of my feet away from the arch. As soon as I got my insoles I started wearing them. They were tight across the top of my arches. However, despite this discomfort, I knew I needed to persist in wearing them, viewing them in the same likeness as braces for your teeth. Within a week my arches stopped hurting. 

As soon as I started wearing them I experienced nerves and tingling sensations down the bottom half of my feet, which usually are painful and numb. Psoriatic arthritis can also cause your toenails to grow sideways instead of growing forward. My osteopathic family doctor, who I saw every month, had started manipulating my toes over 2 1/2 years ago and I would get the tingling and blood flow in those areas back for about a week and a half. Now, I have the tingling and blood circulation going all the way to my toes all the time. 

When I visited my doctor today he noticed immediately that my knees were aligned straight for the first time ever and that I had some muscle in my ankles where there had previously been none. I showed him the insoles and explained how they aligned the body just like how every month he realigned my muscles and bones. I also noticed that my lower back pain was about a third less than normal, which my doctor noted was better while manipulating my back. 

As I said to him, I would’ve paid a fortune if I went through my insurance to see a podiatrist for the problems I had with my feet. Just the initial consultation would have been a $40 visit. After the consultation, I would need to come back and have molds made of my feet and several more $40 visits to get insoles for my shoes. I estimated that going through my insurance I would have paid easily $500-$800. Whereas going through Protalus I only paid $60 and have had amazing results in less than one month! 

Being a medical professional myself and a medical researcher, I am amazed at the quality of your product and how effective these insoles are! I want to say thank you so very much for helping my numerous problems, simply by wearing your insoles. I plan to recommend these insoles to my family and friends and on my social media also. Congratulations on making a product that is changing the lives of many people. I encourage everyone to wear these insoles for the recommended 30 days even if it’s uncomfortable at first. I am not an individual who is easily impressed by products and these insoles have truly amazed me!

Elizabeth Hinkle

-MS, Post Doctorate

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