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    "Anytime I have a shoe on, I use the Protalus inserts. I have four different pairs of inserts now."

    My name is David Klawitter, I live in New York. I’ve lived here my entire life. I’m a retired registered nurse and spent the vast majority of my career on my feet. Through High School with track and running cross country took a toll on the knees, joints, and soles of my feet. Now I work part time in two funeral homes, and again I spend significant time on my feet. And had noticed that over the years I had developed quite a problem with my soles of my feet, getting sore, hurt, then my hips start to bother me, due to the wear and tear over all the years. I’ve tried multiple different types of remedies for foot pain, various insoles, cushions, inserts, things along those lines, but unfortunately only had a mild amount of relief, but nothing really worked well. They were basically over the counter retail products available in the drug store.

    I happened to come across Protalus insoles through a Facebook ad. I researched the product and read a lot of testimonials that were at their site that sounded it was a good product and beneficial. What really grabbed my attention was the 100% money back guarantee, basically, the site tells you to use them for 90 days before thinking about returning them for the refund to make sure you get the full effect from them, and I found them to be quite beneficial.

    I put them in and followed the recommended break in period, they tell you to put them in 1-2 hours a day, etc… and as far as I was concerned after the first time using them, I thought it was a quality product and it felt like I clearly got some improvement. In my funeral business when I have to be on my feet 4-6 hours at a time, it has clearly made a difference, that it’s much more tolerable than it was previously.

    I experience greater comfort when I’m on my feet for extended periods. Before I had foot pain and knee and hip pain later in the evening, now its no longer a problem. Now I use them on all of my shoes, between my athletic shoes, outdoor shoes, and shoes for work. Anytime I have a shoe on, I use the Protalus insert. I have four different pair of inserts now. I recommend them to anyone with any foot problems. For example, I recommended them to a barber that was on his feet all day.

    David Klawitter