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    Claudie Dubiel

    "...No pain all day. So happy to have found you."

    I was wearing Dr. Scholl's inserts for a few weeks and my feet never quit hurting. I decided to try yours. I missed the instruction page and I put them on and went to work. I work  11-6pm.  No pain in my feet until  4:30 pm  but it was not bad at all. The next day I wore them again from 11-6. I made it all the way to  5 pm  with no pain. The pain was very manageable, I did not limp out of the store like I usually do. So, the next day working 11-6 again no pain in my feet till  5:30 pm.  Again I did not have to hobble out of the store. Today I worked 9:45-6 and no pain all day. I'm so happy to have found you. Thanks so much.

    Claudie Dubiel

    -Cashier at Ingles Market