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    Cheri Hodges

    "I am back to running, walking, teaching, and living life with NO MORE pain!"

    Where do I even begin....training for a race about 2 1/2 years ago, I began having pain in my foot, which ended up being plantar fasciitis. Little did I know, the pain would continue a year and a half through multiple podiatrist visits and physical therapy with NO relief. I even wore a boot for 8 weeks, and while that temporarily helped, it did not "cure" me.

    I had completely given up running and I couldn't even walk to the mailbox without being in pain. I happened to come across an ad for Protalus. I read the success stories, and while I had my doubts, my interest was piqued. I finally decided it was worth the risk since nothing else had helped and I was tired of hurting.

    I chatted with customer service to pick out the right insoles and even joked with them about how I hoped I would soon be one of their success stories. I received my first pair of inserts Feb 2018...this is when my life changed! Seriously! It took a few weeks for the PF pain to go away, but I am back to running, walking, teaching, and living life with NO MORE pain! Thank you, Protalus!

    If you're a skeptic like me, I encourage you to give them a try! I seriously did not believe they would work, but I have been proven wrong! This code will help you on your first order: http://i.refs.cc/C9JKvxQX  I hope you end up being able to write your own success story!!

    Cheri Hodges