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February 27, 2017

I'm a Tough Mudder. Been participating in these events since 2011. Suffered from pain and discomfort in my feet, knees & hips for years. I've tried many different inserts in my off course racing sneakers. I use the Salomon SC4 sneakers. They have the "Ortholite" comfort from the inside out. These sneakers are designed for mud & water feature obstacles but the insoles suck. They don't come close to durability & comfort that Protalus provides. I registered for my 2nd (WTM) Worl ds Toughest Mudder. It's a 24-hour event. I didn't want to rely on the super glue that I applied to the toe region on the Ortholite insoles for the event. A friend recommended that I check out Protalus. I contacted customer service and asked if they have ever sponsored someone for this type of endurance racing. I was their first and I can say that I don't have to look anywhere else for my insoles. For work or even running through the mud, I'll be using Protalus from now on.
Brian Müttee McMudderton

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