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June 07, 2017

From the moment I found them the customer service department was prompt and kind to help me find the best model for me and shipping was quick and priority! I immediately put them on, and it was (no lie) immediate relief. I didn't want to take them off! They say to wear them in, but I didn't have to. I'm sure some people do. If you are a floor nurse or you work 12-14 hour shifts, then these insoles WILL wear out in around two months. That IS normal. They aren't invincible people. However, they have a 90-day money back guarantee, and they will exchange your pair for a new one! So nice. The customer service representatives were so nice and prompt, and I never once had to call someone. It was all through email! Thank you so much Protalus for making an insole that is affordable, comfortable, and reliable! It makes a difference!!!

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