Helping Those Who Sacrifice For Us

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Community Need

Nurses, doctors, surgeons, speech pathologists, physician's assistants, custodians, and many many more healthcare facility employees have been showing up at our hospitals and clinics in the midst of the greatest health crisis our lives. They show up to take care of us when we are at our most vulnerable despite the danger they put themselves in every day. And while their aches and pains from standing on hard floors all day are not new; they are being pushed to new levels of stress, exhaustion, and sacrifice. At Protalus we have been supporting our employees to work from home as much as possible but we realized we could do more for our local community. 


Special Delivery

Protalus is located in West Linn, near Portland, Oregon. This past week Protalus donated over six hundred pairs of our high quality insoles directly to three local hospitals so that those who are showing up for us can get a little bit of relief themselves. Ally Chan, who is part of the e-commerce team at Protalus, delivered the insoles to Legacy Emanuel Hospital, OHSU/Doernbecher Children's Hospital, and Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside.

While we know that this is nothing compared to the work that the staff at these facilities is doing, we hope that it can be a gesture of thanks and that we can, in some small way, relieve a few of those aches they battle. To every single person, every delivery driver, every electrician, every EMT, mechanic, cook, care giver, and to all the others showing up at risk to themselves to get us through this difficult time, thank you. 

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