Are Ugg Boots Worth the Cost?

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I wasn't paid by Ugg for this review. I just really want to talk about my Uggs. 

Let's face it: a lot of us haven't been, well, keeping up appearances this past year. While I do have a soft spot for fashion and shoes, for the past ten months or so, my apparel has been more centered on one thing: being cozy. As the weather turned cold I started to wish for something to keep my feet toasty. I saw my kids grabbing their big, furry boot slippers and wished they came in my size. Then I heard a few friends raving about their Uggs. Uggs? Didn't they go out of style after I left college a couple decades ago? In fact, with their big, puffy, cartoonish shape...were they ever really in style? Also they seemed a bit cost-prohibitive for something I probably wouldn't wear outside my house. Beyond the fashion part of it, living in Portland, Oregon means nearly constant rain or drizzle for a large part of the year and Uggs just didn't seem like the best choice for a wet climate. I also wondered how long they would last, and if your feet would get sweaty hanging out in the natural wool lining that Uggs are famous for. My friends assured me they would not. They told me they would last for years, that this would be an investment. But I still couldn't bring myself to buy a pair. The boots that you might be most familiar with can cost close to $200. Spending $200 on, what for me essentially seemed like luxury slippers, just wasn't going to happen. I thought about getting knock-offs but any pair I saw didn't have the real wool liner. If they did, they cost just about as much as the Uggs, and at that point I figured I might as well get the brand name, high quality ones. Buy nice, not twice, right?


Christmas rolled around and I must have regaled my husband with hours of Ugg boot discussion by that time so he figured I must really want them, but would never spend the money on something so frivolous for myself. So I was super excited to get a pair of Uggs Christmas morning. Let me tell you, I was a fool to ever question their value. A fool! These are the coziest things I have ever put on my feet. I have worn them most days since I got them and they keep me warm and comfortable. I have not had any issues with sweaty feet because the real wool lining wicks away any moisture, keeping my feet dry and happy. Yesterday I dropped some things off at a friend's house and had forgotten to take them off and change into "outside shoes" before I left the house. I regret nothing. Now that I'm in the know about them, I don't see them as a fashion faux pas but as a sign of intelligence. Wearing super comfortable footwear is smart. Anyone who judges just hasn't tried them yet. Also, they feel high quality and I think they will last for years. For me they are well worth the cost. 


If you aren't sure that boots are your style you can also get a lower style Ugg shoe here, or look through a huge variety of Ugg styles for men, women, and kids  here. And while I still wouldn't recommend wearing them in the rain, I do know several people who have had good luck with weather-proofing their Uggs using a leather protecting product. Ugg sells one on their site that you can find here. I still think that they are an extravagance and I'm glad I received them as a gift because I probably never would have spent the money on myself. But if you are on the fence about buying a pair or if you are looking for something to keep your feet warm this winter, I don't think you'll regret a pair of Uggs. They really are just as cozy as people say.

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