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Pain may be what started all of this, but alignment is what ignites us - to be innovators and pioneers for a better life.

Every day people in pain seek a solution for more comfort, but how many have their lives changed as a result? We're not here to be a part of the search. We exist to be a real solution. So we challenge you to Align Yourself. You can feel confident knowing that as your pain improves, our technology will also. Inspired by you, we step boldly into the future of footwear. Change is optional and innovation is inevitable.

Protalus is the developer and manufacturer of a new insole technology, called Arch Mobility, that helps correct over-pronation — also known as flat feet (rolling-in of the ankle) — and supination — also known as high arch (rolling-out of the ankle) — which together are a problem that affects 90 percent of the population; even those who are fit and physically active. Over-pronation is not a household term, but it’s a condition that inhibits physical performance and causes pain and fatigue from the foot to the hip. Protalus’s Arch Mobility insoles were developed by a talented group that, combined, boasts more than 100 years of experience in footwear and orthotics design, physical therapy and biomechanics:

  • Nicholas Romansky, D.P.M, team physician for the Men’s & Women’s US World Cup National & Olympic Soccer Teams since 1987, and podiatric consultant the Philadelphia Phillies MLB team since 2007
  • Physical therapist Cheryl Kosta, who has worked with Cleveland Cavalier Kevin Love, Olympic skier Picabo Street, and Dr. Jonas Salk, of the Salk Institute

In the past year Protalus has helped change more than 200,000 people’s lives with our insoles and has established a following of more than 250,000 believers on Facebook, where many of whom have shared their life-changing experiences. We’re not here to fix you; rather, we bring more comfort into your life. What’s in your shoe?



Our products are engineered for proper body alignment - to control the rolling of the ankle. This creates a more aligned position which greatly reduces both pain and fatigue. But in the end, alignment itself is not the only thing that matters. It's what proper body alignment gives you the ability to do. By aligning your feet, we help you better align your life.

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"now I wear them in every pair of shoes, even my dress shoes"

I started wearing the insoles to see if I could step up my athletic performance. I never realized that changing my insoles could make such a big difference. The most extreme areas of improvement were in exercises that I didn’t even realize needed improvement. I am now doing squats and wall balls with zero knee pain. I didn’t realize that my knees were holding me back from working out better. My running has improved also. Prior to the insoles, I was consistently running a 7:45 mile pace for my normal three-mile run, three days a week. I have been running with the insoles for a couple of weeks now and I immediately dropped to a 7:20 mile pace. No other changes except for the insoles. It took a couple days to get used to wearing the insoles, but now I wear them in every pair of shoes, even my dress shoes.

Mike Mador
Certified Personal Trainer, Triathlete
"my feet have never been so comfortable at the end of a long day"
Greg Sheridan
Regional Sales Manager, GEA Freezing
"Using these insoles has been a life-changing experience"
John McIsaac
McIsaac Communications LLC



We came into the footwear industry on a mission to change people's lives. What we didn't anticipate was how significantly our own lives would be changed in the process. These success stories motivate us to strive for more every day.

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When it comes to pain, there's no one size fits all solution. We understand that every body is uniquely structured and no two misalignments are the same. Protalus was born to come as close to a custom insole as possible so all people can benefit from this proven technology. We're here to make a truly revolutionary insole that works. We invite you to Align Yourself and feel the difference.

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